We want to inform you that we're changing the companies we use to send you text messages and paper mail.

Currently, you receive text messages through the patient portal called DrDoctor.

From 31st March 2024, you will receive text message appointments and reminders from Healthcare Communications. You will continue to receive mail by post and in the future will have the option to receive mail digitally. 

Why are we making this change?

Well, as our current contracts come to an end, it's a chance for us to make improvements. We want to communicate better with you, make it easier for you to attend appointments, and use more digital methods. With Healthcare Communications, you'll get some extra benefits too. You'll be able to choose preferences like having messages in Welsh, and you can even get an electronic version of your paper letters if you prefer.

What happens next?

We'll reach out to you through text messages, letters, or phone calls before any changes happen. We'll also keep you updated on how we can make communication better for you in the future.