Clinics & Services

Cervical Smear and Well Woman Appointments

All women aged 21-64 years are offered a smear test every three years under the national screening programme. Appointments for cervical smear tests can be arranged with the nurse by contacting the appointments desk. These appointments can only be made on or after the date stipulated on the letter sent to you by Cervical Screening Wales.

Breast awareness and self-examination may be discussed as part of the Well Woman check but breast examination will not be performed. Any woman who requires breast examination should consult with their GP.

Child Immunisations

Please register your child as soon as possible after birth or appointments for immunisation will be delayed. If you are unable to attend at the given time, please contact the practice for further advice and another appointment. Please contact the surgery if you have not received an appointment by the time your baby is 2 months old.

Family Planning

Contraceptive advice is available from the nurses and all doctors during routine surgeries. A normal appointment should be made.

Minor Surgery

This is performed at the surgery by some of the doctors. Various problems can be treated, such as injection of painful joints and removal of certain skin lesions on referral by the GP. This may save a patient the inconvenience of being referred to the hospital.

Travel Clinic

A nurse-led travel clinic is available 5 days a week and is on an appointment basis only. Patients are advised to inform reception that they require an appointment for travel advice because these appointments are of 20 minute duration. Advice on vaccinations, anti-malaria medication and other travel-health related issues can be discussed with the practice nurse.

We are only able to administer vaccinations that are available on the NHS; if non NHS injections are recommended you may need to attend a Private Travel Clinic to have these vaccinations.

Please remember even though you might have been fortunate to book a last-minute deal, we DO NOT have last-minute appointments. You are advised to attend the surgery at least 8 weeks before departure and for gap-year students or around-the-world travellers then forward planning is essential (some vaccinations need to be given 6 months in advance). Vaccinations will not be given within 72 hours of flying due to the possible risk of adverse reactions. It is therefore essential that you plan ahead and seek advice for your trip. More information is available on the above tab.

Temporary residents that need advice about travel are recommended to attend their own GP surgery for this.